SSOFB - Web Development with Open Source in Aberdeen, Scotland

We were delighted to be attending our 4th ScotlandPHP conference this weekend, it's been a consistently excellent conference over the years, so it must be challenge to keep the level so high, but the team totally nailed it again.

The day was started of with an excellent opening keynote from Chris Holland on taming change. This was an excellent and though provoking talk, covering a lot of ground from the 1950s to the future, around the subject of software development and principles of planning and change.

Next up, we chose Mike Oram's talk in track two about Progressive Web Apps & Offline Development. This was a very practical session, giving all the practical details for the audience to get started with PWAs.

After the morning break we caught Matthieu Napoli's talk on Serverless PHP applications with Bref. It was great to hear Matthieu give his overview of PHP on AWS Lambda, from technical, practical and commercial perspectives.

After lunch we attended Katy Ereira's talk on Legacy Code - Testing and Safe Refactoring. This proved excellent, a gritty topic tackled with humour and really useful practical solutions to implementing tests on legacy code.

This was followed by a thought provoking talk from Mark Bradley on Imposter Syndrome. This provided some salient points and plenty to reflect on.

After the afternoon break we went to Nuno Maduro's talk on Writing Effective PHP. This was a excellent session covering defensive programming, static analysis and code quality. The insights on his PHP Insights tool were really useful.

The closing keynote was a entertaining tale of global alephpant exploration from Damien Seguy.

Huge thanks to the the ScotlandPHP team for such a great event, Danny, Iain, Alan and Thomas bring so much passion humour, humility and enthusiasm to the day, that it always feels very welcoming and inclusive, as well as being engaging and informative.  We look forward to attending a 5th one next year.


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A few photos from the day...

Danny and Iain kicking things off.



Chris Holland on taming change.



Matthieu Napoli's talk on Serverless PHP applications with Bref



Katy Ereira's talk on Legacy Code - Testing and Safe Refactoring



Nuno Maduro's talk on Writing Effective PHP



Damien Seguy 13 years in the life of ElePHPant




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