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We're just back from another great Joomla Day UK in Ascot, west London.  it was really good to catch up with the Joomla UK family again, and it always acts as a great reminder what a rich, diverse and warm community it is.

A huge thanks to Ruth, Jodee and the team for all the hard work and planning that goes into it every year.  As ever, it was a huge pleasure to be involved again.

Joomla Day UK 2014
Yes, there were Stroopwaffles.

Joomla Day UK 2014
Ruth doing the welcome on Saturday

Joomla Day UK 2014
Plenty of time to chat, swap ideas and socialise.

Joomla Day UK 2014
Chris Adams from Rochen doing a keynote.

Joomla Day UK 2014
Folk chilling out between talks.

Joomla Day UK 2014
Dave Hurley's keynote

Joomla Day UK 2014
Peter on the Joomla FoF

Joomla Day UK 2014
Plenty of time for questions and discussion

Joomla Day UK 2014
Jodee getting things going on Sunday afternoon

Joomla Day UK 2014
Macro talking about Less

Joomla Day UK 2014
Mike Babker got his cats into his talk

Joomla Day UK 2014
Peter showing off the new Joomla issue tracker

Joomla Day UK 2014
Daniel, Chiara and Ruth with the origami raffle

Joomla Day UK 2014
Members of the Joomla leadership team with a Q&A

Joomla Day UK 2014

As ever, the Joomla event flag getting signed at the end of the event.  It's off to Joomla Day Bulgaria next week.


Also enjoyed doing our two sessions.

The event was all online at...

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