SSOFB - Web Development with Open Source in Aberdeen, Scotland

We often provide development services digital, design and media agencies, and in this way we can add value to your company.  So, whatever the size or skill-set you your company, we can dove-tail in as required to and deliver an optimal solution to your customers.  In a sense this is an out-sourcing option, but in practice it is a much more integrated process. 

So, in practice, we can be your go-to development partner to pull in as required.

We can provide this service as a behind the scenes white-box partner, or as a member of your team, even attending client facing meetings, or anything in-between.  We are happy to adopt the role and positioning, in this respect, that works best for you.

Historically this has made up the core of our business for several years, and it works well for us and our clients.

Some examples of format for this are...

  • Coding up sites based on your designs.
  • Developing Joomla! components, modules and plug-ins to add bespoke functionality to your projects.
  • Working on system integration with 3rd party or legacy systems including middleware.
  • Providing training for end-users.
  • Installing and configuring components.
  • Providing development support and training for your in-house development team.
  • Migrating and updating systems.
  • Conducting security audits.
  • Designing system architectures.

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