SSOFB - Web Development with Open Source in Aberdeen, Scotland

Relationship management or customer relationship management (CRM) systems are now a key tool for many businesses. Whether web based of server based, they can enable you to store a vast array of customer related information. From sales leads, order history, to complaints and queries, as well as all the basics like contact information and meetings. Altogether it enables you to offer a better service to your customers and improve your bottom line.


CRM systems are often expensive, overly complex and put unwieldy processes on employees, They don't have to be though.

At SSOFB we will work closely with you to find out exactly what you need, and which features will be of real use to you. Our web based systems will allow all your staff to collaborate and share information, from any location. Allowing you to stay close to your customers and have the business intelligence you need to drive sales and planning.

A big advantage for our customers is that our CRM systems are open source based, we will not charge you expensive monthly per-user fees as the CRM market leader does. Some of our competitor's packages look quite reasonable to start with, but with a few users, a couple of extra modules, and you can easily end up paying several thousand pounds per month.

Implementation Details:

Cloud Based:

We typically recommend Highrise as a web based, cloud hosted CRM system. We can help and support your use of it, and provide Highrise CRM Integration options to extend it. We've developed several integrated web systems based on PHP and the Highrise API. This can enable you to further build on the excellent Highrise CRM system.


Non-Cloud Based:

By far the best open source CRM package is SugarCRM / vTiger, it provides all the features even the largest sales and marketing organisation could require. It manages contacts, calls, leads, accounts, collaboration, quotes, cases, bugs, tasks, emails and support straight out of the box. It allows you to administer and manage sales, and report on and graph everything. It can be used with MS Office, in your browser, or from a smart-phone. It does everything and more, than the market leading commercial CRM provider, Frankly, it's am amazing bit of software, and we'll set you up to use it to it's full advantage.