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We have a wealth of experience to share related to Subversion and Subversion tools.


Document management has many names, configuration management, revision control, code storage to give just a few. Whatever name is used, the basic principles are the same, to keep a version history of a set of files, accessible by a group of people.

In the software community it is a well understood concept, but in wider business it is little used, but a potentially useful tool.

At Software Systems OFB we can work with you to find out your needs devise a system, set you up and train your team. Some companies charge £10,000 for a week's consultancy, we are much more reasonable, and will give you the solution you need.


Implementation Details:
Document Management is a very personal thing, some users want text file history, some want collaboration support, some want searchable file archiving and some people want all of these. We can provide a system to fit your needs, either ion a local server or on-line. We'll carefully review your needs and deliver a system tailored to fit. Typically our solutions are built using Subversion, ViewVC and other open source tools.